Ella Doo


● Where are you based? 
Edmonton, AB 
● What mediums do you work in? 
I work with mostly watercolours, but also some guache and acrylics. 
● What inspires your work? 
I'm inspired by the beauty of nature - especially knowing that these intricate, delicate, and beautiful little detail in flowers and foliage were very carefully designed to look the way they do, and to bring us joy and express inexpressible expressions through them. 
● Where did you grow up? 
I grew up three places - for the first decade of my life in Beijing, China; followed by Toronto, Ontario; then finally, the place I feel most at home - Edmonton, Alberta. 
●Did you attend a fine arts school or post secondary education? If so where and what? 
I have taken art lessons outside of school for as long as I can remember. I used watercolour for many years before finally getting into oil colours, and spent most of my latter years painting oil portraits under the instruction of Xinyu Zheng, a renowned painter both in China and in Alberta. It wasn't until I recent years that I fell in love with botanical art.
●Any other information we should know about you or your work? 
Art has become a meditational and spiritual process for me - I feel in awe of the beauties that we are surrounded by when I challenge myself to imitate nature, and closely drawn to God who is the most incredible artist above all.